Every BoxHead Craft box head comes with six handy templates to enable kids to plan and design a scaled down version before they decorate the full-sized head.


A popular idea is to put a different face on each side so you can be multiple characters.  Other kids like to do a single character box head with a face, two profiles and back.


More creative BoxHead Craft crafters make use of the tabs having them proud at the top of the head to add a hat, or turn the box upside down to add a beard.  Two tabs can be used either end for above and below face features while the other two can be secured by sticky tape to close the box.


If you’re planning on doing this take some time to work out which two tabs you’re using for the seal and ensure they’re at the top of the finished box head and directly opposite one another. 


Of course you can cut off two tabs and stick them on top if you’re taking the beard option.  See our YouTube video of a BoxHead Craft Santa to see how this is done.

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