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The appeal of Minecraft continues to enchant endless numbers of children and bemuse most adults.  Unsurprisingly requests for #MinecraftThemedParties are also on the up and as most parents don’t ‘get’ Minecraft they often spend over the odds creating a party.

If that’s you too then no doubt the thought of parking a gaming bus outside your premises or paying for a LAN to be networked in your home fills you with dread.

But there’s really no need to panic purchase entertainment, nor to buy expensive Minecraft favours that don’t engage the creativity of the kids and will be forgotten in an instant.

Read on to find out how you can host a low-cost Minecraft Party that is creative and fun.


There are loads of free invitation downloads that you’ll be able to find doing an image search on google or etsy.

Find one, add your party particulars, then print and send – it’s that simple!


There are parodies galore of pop songs where the words have been replaced with lyrics about Minecraft.

Search for these on YouTube and you’ll find some creative, quirky and child-friendly compilations.

When the guest arrive simply dock your smartphone and hit play to create the mood fit for a Minecraft Party.


Hama and fuse beads are fantastic for allowing the guests to create their own party favours at your Minecraft Party.  Pinterest is a great place to find designs for Minecraft skins, tools and accessories which you can print in advance for the guests to copy.

Once ironed they can be glued to magnets to make fridge decorations, attached to key rings for bag decorations or, if they’re big enough, make great drinks coasters.

If you have time you can even bag the beads with the designs as additional low-cost take-away and play item for the party bag.


We held off to number four before mentioning our own product, of which we’re very proud.

The BoxHead Craft BoxHeads passed the party test when we gave them to the guests at my son’s 8th birthday party.  A trip to poundland was all we needed for some actually very decent pens.

One guest was so insistent on completing his that when it came to playing Minecraft with his mates he chose to keep on colouring.

Our packaging has templates for planning boxheads, and more can be downloaded FREE from our website.  It’s also a good idea to print off a few skins of popular Minecraft animals, characters and YouTubers for the kids to copy. Buy your BoxHead here


Gaming parties can be very expensive but with a little foresight and planning they needn’t be.  There are a growing number of child-friendly servers where games can be played by multiple players at the same time.  All you need to do is ask those guests that can to bring a laptop and then have all the children log on together at the party.

YouTuber Squaishey runs a very family-friendly server called quacktopia and if you’re catering for any SEN guests the autcraft server is excellent.

You can even book private sessions on party servers run by organisations like Club Minecraft who will co-ordinate and manage exclusive games for a small fee to time in with your party schedule.

Just make sure you’ve all successfully logged on well in advance of the party.  Sometime the guys at Minecraft HQ react to multiple log-ons from single locations and you don’t want to be blocked out on party day.


With everything above going on you probably won’t have much time for games but there are plenty of traditional games you can play with a Minecraft twist like…

  • Pin the tail on the Minecraft Pig

  • Pass the Minecraft Parcel

  • Minecraft Bingo

  • A Minecraft scavenger hunt


A short trawl through Pinterest will give you some great ideas for catering with a Minecraft Theme.  Here are my three favourites…

  • Minecraft Melons

Simply slice and cut portions of watermelon in triangles to replicate the melons in the game

  • A Minecraft Pizza

Make or buy a square pizza base and decorate it with pepperami to look like a creeper

  • A Minecraft Cake

Create a cake just as it appears in Minecraft by buying a square chocolate cake and covering it with white and red royal icing, which again you can pick up in the pound shop.


By having fuse beads and BoxHeads at your party you’ve already ensured each guest has a handful of great thing to take home from you Minecraft Party.  Add to this a few from the list below of low-cost, on-theme gifts and you’ll have a party kids will go home happy from (but perhaps very reluctantly)!

  • Creeper Goodie bag – it’s simple to buy a batch of green paper bags and sponge paint a creeper face on top using black paint and a square cut from a scouring pad sponge

  • Cookies – choc chip cookies feature in the game and if you buy a few packets and bag them up with a themed label there a fraction of the price of chocolate bars

  • TNT party poppers – print TNT labels on dollar store party poppers for an explosive and fun favour

  • Lollipop Tops – Bulk buy the disc lollies and cover the clear plastic wrapping with a Minecraft face. Steve is always a popular choice!

So you see it really doesn’t need to cost the earth to host a fantastic Minecraft party.  In fact given the average spend on kids parties these days is roughly £320* in the UK and $500** in the USA you’ll be able to treat yourself to a glass of something nice with the change when the little darlings have gone happily to bed.


*Daily Mail


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