A creative non-gadget Minecraft-style gift

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Leigh Geary December 1, 2016

Minecraft is a very popular game. I’m sure a lot of you have played it and you may even have a child or two who’s addicted to it. So how do you get them away from the screens?

Well, you could try this creative gift from www.boxheadcraft.com. It’s just £10,and, although it’s tech inspired, it’s creative and easy to understand. You can buy your BoxHeads here

It’s designed and registered here in the UK and arrives in a large flat packet. It’s made from high-quality and rigid paper / card with squares which you colour in. The top section flaps over to form the head and then, with a bit of sticky tape, it becomes your own custom head.

Now, a little story for you. I had half a day off to watch my son in a school play. I told him that I’d got this on test and I’d also got a new Android games console on test. When he got home from school, he had the choice of “testing” either one and actually went for this first. That’s a good sign.

To begin with, he didn’t quite get that the folds were for the top of the head, and one of the eye balls he’d created were a bit high up. I had a go a bit later on and you should be able to see how the other side turned out. This being a cube, you get four sides and four chances to create your own designs. You might even want to cut out some eyes so that you can see through, because when you actually pop this onto your head you’ll suddenly be aware that you can’t see a thing.

Have a look at the shots below to see it up-close..

If you should need any ideas and inspiration then their website, Facebook page or YouTube Channel are definitely places to go. This is a product which has been designed and created by people who are eager to succeed and love their product, rather than a big faceless company. It’s good to see.

The head, once you’ve created it, can either be put onto your head or placed on show somewhere. The paper itself and the construction was top quality and the crayons and felts we used produced very good colours thanks to the strong and premium quality card which didn’t flop or fold, despite lots of vigorous colouring-in.

Top stuff this. Loved it, and great for parties or games too. Not only that, but each time you play Minecraft you can bring it all to life with your own Box Head in your own home.

Interested? Go to www.boxheadcraft.com for more detail or to get one. You can also head to this store to buy them.

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