BoxHead Craft Launches Protoytype Mini BoxHead ahead of Schedule

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

BoxHead Craft, the world’s only manufacturer of blank BoxHeads for kids to design, decorate and wear has launched the second generation of the product ahead of schedule. This means the BRAND NEW PROTOTYPE MINI BOXHEAD is available with ALL BoxHeads with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

The launch was brought forward by better than anticipated sales at Minevention Dublin where BoxHead Craft eventually sold out of all its stock by lunchtime on the Sunday.

Founder of BoxHead Craft Ruth Stone says, “We took our new stock as a back up to Dublin and the demand for the BoxHeads at Minevention was beyond our best expectations. This meant we sold out of our old BoxHead stock and are now selling the second generation of the product which includes 3 templates to practise on, the much loved original BoxHead and the smaller mini BoxHead which we’ve christened the ‘Protoytype’ which is an ideal size for a plushy, cuddly toy or action figure.”

And like the original BoxHead the new protoytypes have multiple purposes, making great pots for pens and other stationery in bedrooms and playrooms.

As the saying goes two BoxHeads are better than one!

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