Updated: Jun 3, 2018


This is another thing that I have discovered recently and I absolutely love the idea.  Box Heads are an ingenious idea.  Designed for kids who like gaming, these are boxes which come flat packed ready to be turned into your child’s favourite characters. They work particularly well with characters from Minecraft, Terraria or Roblox as they are made up of large squares that can be coloured in to create your character’s head.

Once coloured, the boxes can be easily assembled with the flaps on the box, so no need for glue or tape and then the heads are ready for play, dress up and can even be used for storage.

This is such a brilliant thing for children as it gets them off their devices and being creative and really you could use them to create any character you wanted.  My daughter loves hers, but just can’t decide which character to do and won’t start colouring until she is sure.

Box Heads are available from Box HeadCraft on Etsy and come in individual packs (£10), Playdate packs of 2 (£18) or a party pack of 10 (£80) and these would be a great idea for a party.

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