DADGEEK REVIEW: We Try Out BoxHead Craft!

Review: We Try Out BoxHead Craft!

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get a good response in my house it’s anything to do with Minecraft. Various other things come and go but Minecraft is always the one thing that seems to swing back into favour in between the other fads. With so many things that our kids are into being either a tv show, video game or app of some description, we often try to find ways to indulge their interests outside of the devices. Luckily, most popular games and shows have enough tie-in products to keep the kids occupied and better yet there are plenty of activities that can use their imagination to add their own stories. Whether it’s colouring books, LEGO, action figures or just drawing and playing pretend, we like to show them that the screen is not the only way to enjoy those things that they’re interested in.

BoxHead Craft is a cool, crafty product that capitalises on the Minecraft phenomenon by letting you design your very own Steve-style, wearable head. Each pack contains one full-size BoxHead, some practice sheets and even a mini-box to use on one of the kids’ cuddly toys!

We let the kids loose with all their felt tips and crayons (well all the ones I could find) and they set about making their own creations. Marshall spent a lot of time on the practice sheets and then decided to do a rainbow coloured face.

Morgan, who NEVER joins in with crafty activities, was really excited to try and recreate one of his favourite skins from Minecraft. It was great to see him engage with a group activity and he really enjoyed himself by colouring in the squares.

Claudia decided to go for a more abstract design. She’s our big scribbler in the house but normally works on lots of small abstract patterns. She put a lot of effort into her head but it’s perhaps the least worked on out of all of them.

I did encourage them all to try adding some more materials to their boxheads but after about an hour of intense colouring they insisted their creations were perfect. There’s nothing to stop you adding more texture to the boxes with tissue paper, wool, beads, etc.

Mum also got involved and helped Morgan make a boxhead for his cuddly toy. He loved it and was rushing around the house pretending he was his favourite character.

All of the children really love their Boxhead crafts and they have all taken them to school for show-and-tell, they’re that fond of them.

If you’d like your own Boxhead, they’re available from Each pack contains one blank boxhead, some practice squares and a mini-boxhead kit. They currently sell for £10.00 although additional bundles are offered for purchasing multiple boxheads together. You can also get a printable Boxhead t-shirt if you feel like wearing your designs!

Disclaimer: This review was done in return for product. No financial agreements were entered into. Our opinions remain our own.

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