Christmas is almost here! The phrase fills most of us with as much trepidation as excitement, especially those of us with our younger counterparts to think about (known popularly as “the children”). As Christmas arrives it becomes our primary focus to ensure they have an enjoyable Christmas. While that’s not always solely about presents, getting the right gifts can be an essential part of the big day.

As year-long reviewers of some of the best and newest toys and gadgets on the market, we’re in a position to help you, the consumers, make an informed choice about what might be worth grabbing for the little ones on the big day. So without further ado, please enjoy our MONSTER CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE!!!

7. Arts & Crafts
BoxHead Craft!

This was an ingenious idea that we were fortunate to be sent. It’s a craftable Minecraft-style box head mask that you can colour in and wear. The kits also come with practice sheets and a tiny boxhead for your favourite cuddly animal! Check out our full review here.

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